Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baked Strawberry Crumble Pie

Strawberries were buy one get one free at Acme the other day so of course I bought them and figured out what to do with them later. I have never made a pie before so I went on the hunt for an interesting pie recipe involving strawberries. I will admit I was pretty excited to try this. I feel like a pie is one of those desserts everyone should know how to make. A certain sense of pride comes with having accomplished such a feat.

Of course a home made pie crust was needed. Easy enough to make, hard to put in the plate! I just could not just the crust into the pie pan. I ended up having to piece it together like a cheap puzzle. I found myself cracking up as I did this alone in my house. Glad no one was around to see.

It's okay if you laugh a little too :)

Like my improvised pie weights?

Set the crust in the oven to pre-bake while I cut up the 2 1/2 cups of strawberries. I didn't have cornstarch so I tossed them in flour and added in sugar of course.

They didn't look how I expected so naturally I get nervous, but after they sat for a bit I felt relieved.

I made the crumble mix and tossed it on top.  Crumble topping is yet another simple thing I never made and am very glad to have done.  Super easy and everything is better with crumbly tops.

My overall thoughts are positive. As I said, it feels great to make a pie especially having never done it before.  Greg (my boyfriend, can I start calling him my his name now it's much easier?) suggested adding more sugar with the strawberry inside yet I found it to be to sweet. It is all a matter of opinion. The topping  we both agreed needed a little extra something. Next time I would like to make a drizzle type icing, the kind you would find on scones and danishes. That would be the perfect fix. I am sending a piece off Greg's mom and aunt for some more feedback.

This whole baking/blogging thing definitely has its claws in me. My mind is constantly thinking of what to bake next and what new flavor combination  I should try.  I need to get a second job just to pay for all these supplies. Actually, that reminds me! Last weekend when I sold my cupcakes at the bake sale we ended up at the farmer's market across the street. I met a really sweet lady selling bread. Her and her husband where the market managers and also own Wild Flour Bakery. We talked for quite some time about my baking and trying to start something for myself and most importantly, trying to decide if school is the next appropriate step for me. She pretty much said skip school for now and try working in the field first to see if I still enjoy it. She gave me tons of advice and asked for my information and told me to stay in contact. I just received an e-mail from the head baker at Wild Flour. He asked for my resume and wants to set up an interview. It isn't exactly where I saw myself working/interning (they are much more bread makers as opposed to desserts and pastries )but they seem like great people and I just need to get my foot in the door.


  1. i'm perpetually thinking about what's next to bake too! at times, i lose sleep. :P anyways, this pie of yours looks really good. seriously.

  2. I have certainly lost sleep since I started this blog.
    Thank you for the compliment though.

  3. Angela,

    I have read all of your blogs so far and i love them! you come up with the most creative recipes ever and they all look so delectible and delicious! I have a trick to get a pie crust into the pan w/o having it fall apart! I'll show you at work! But I went to Camden County Technical Schools for high school for commercial baking and spent 3 years in the bakery there! I know some of the tricks and I watch food network ALL THE TIME! Im so excited to read what your making next! Keep me posted!

    <3 Katie

  4. Hey Ang! I loved the pie, mabey a little sweeter on the crumb topping, a drizzle of icing would most likely do it. I am very impressed with the crust, i cannot make pie crust to save my soul! personally I am not much of a baker, cooking I can do.
    Keep sending the samples,I will definitely critique them truthfully and with full disclosure.
    Love Greg's Mom

  5. A friend got me a william's sonoma cookbook on Pies and Tarts, and that taught me a lot about making crusts. I've only been making homemade crusts for a little over a year, but they're totally my thing now. I could do it in my sleep! I'm thinking about doing a crust tutorial over at my site soon. It's all about trial and error!