Friday, April 30, 2010

Super Simple Smoothie

It has been almost a week since I have had time to bake anything. Life has been so hectic! 

I had the interview with Wild Flour Bakery and it went well. There are positives and negatives of taking this job and I have been going back and forth in my mind trying to decide what to do. I am going there today for awhile and I have to sit down with the head baker and talk out all the details.  I'm really torn! 

Even though I have not found time to bake I offer this recipe for a smoothie.  Super quick. Super easy. Super cheap.

1 frozen banana
10 frozen strawberries
1 cup apple juice
little squeeze of honey

Fantastic flavor and good for you too! What I love most about this is not only is it made with fresh fruit (which is so much better than those powder mixes) but you don't have to use ice. I personally can not stand smoothies made with ice, it just taste watered down and I don't enjoy the consistency. 

I promise I will be baking this weekend. Must get ready for the bake sale! Details to come.

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